"... I have never seen a group of children laugh and enjoy themselves more. It was a truly special event for all of us and I thank you for your sweet, funny & engaging show. I have posted a recommendation on the Berkeley Parents Network. ..."
     —Margaret [a birthday mom]

"The mission of Lincoln Child Center is to enable vulnerable and emotionally troubled children and their families to lead independent and fulfilling lives. Joe and his stories of triumph and hope as told by his Caterpillar Puppets, laid an excellent foundation for that mission to be fulfilled."
    —Bread & Roses

"The Itty Bitty Variety Show was a smash success! I booked the Caterpillar Puppets because the Performer Directory that we have at the Library showed 4 stars out of 4 for your show and you certainly did not disappoint. Thanks."
     —Annette Van Koevering, Children's Librarian, Fairfield Civic         Center Library

"Thank you for the great show you did for us here at the El Cerrito Library on Saturday. The kids (and parents) loved it and so did I!  You are one of my very favorite puppeteers (and I've seen a lot of them!). Your stage and puppets may not be as fancy as some, but your artistry, storytelling and comic timing are the best!"    
     —Karen Madigan, Youth Services Librarian, El Cerrito Library

"One of the BEST presentations I have witnessed in over 35 years of teaching."
     —2nd grade teacher, Ardenwood School, Newark, Ca.

"Dear Joe Leon and Caterpillar Puppets,
         Thank you for a truly transcendent puppet show – you mesmerized every child in our large audience (over 200 children and adults) with your artistry. Our library has hosted many great performers this summer, but Caterpillar Puppets was the only one that had children – from babies to fifth graders – screaming with delight. (And it was good screaming, not bad screaming.) Thank you, and best wishes for the rest of your summer performances."
     —Yolanda Fletcher, Senior Children’s Librarian Mill Valley Public Library

"... you get more laughs and more funny mileage out of a story than anyone else."
     —Mr. Tim, Librarian

"Devastatingly funny"
     —San Francisco Chronicle

"You had every student's rapt attention from wide-eyed kindergartners in the first row to fascinated 6th graders in back. I don't believe I've ever seen our students more enthralled than they were by your presentation."     —principal, Campbell

"I really enjoyed your show...I laughed and laughed and everybody just talked about it. It was the funniest thing I saw this year."     —student, San Francisco

"From the enclosed letters from the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, it is very clear that the show was a huge success. Joe Leon's presentation was excellent. In addition, his question/answer period following the puppet show was very informative for the students. On Friday, I observed our 4th graders rehearsing a puppet show they plan to present. It was very apparent that their interest and ability to perform was increased from viewing the Caterpillar Puppets."     —principal, San Francisco

"Dear Mr. Leon, I think you are the best puppets player in my whole life. From Jody"     —student, Sacramento

"A side note to Jody's letter...This is the first time that I have been able to get Jody to write anything all year, and I didn't need to push or coax him at all. Thanks for being such a motivation for him! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"—Jody's teacher, Sacramento

"Guaranteed to generate giggles"     —San Jose Mercury

Puppet by Marie Morris
"As the children entered I was struck by the apparent differences in their ages. Some were tall and obviously middleschoolers and some looked to not be any older than 6 or 7. Being the experienced worrier I was born to be I thought...."This could be a difficult mix.....How will the older children respond to something as rudimentary as a puppet show?..." That's when Joe Leon entered the room. He is one of the most communicative of performers, skilled in his craft from years of entertaining all sizes, shapes and ages. He immediately got to the business of setting up his lovely handcrafted stage and chatting with me all the while. He loves what he does, and it is evident in the show he offers and the respect he gives the audience. In a matter of moments after the show started, the entire group was screaming with laughter. This is no exaggeration... and his cast of characters delighted for the entire 40 minutes with the children shouting in response to his interactive style."      –Bread and Roses Host