"Devastatingly funny"—San Francisco Chronicle

                    "Guaranteed to generate giggles"—San Jose Mercury

When was the last time you saw
a puppet show?

Since 1976, Joe and Ronna Leon have been performing in Bay Area schools, libraries, theaters, theme parks and private parties. Caterpillar Puppets has a large repertoire of shows, including:


"What could be better than a room filled with children and parents laughing their heads off to the antics of puppets? Mr. Leon knows his crowd, knows how to tell a good story and does so with glee. He was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to having him back.

                           Emma Coleman                            Berkeley Public Library

PS. My 4 year old was one of the kids rolling in the aisles and we're still quoting the baby puppet's line, "Puppet Show! Puppet Show!"